Removing Household Members

Only those household members listed on your lease are allowed to live in your unit. If a family member vacates you are required to report this change to your property manager. If you are removing a family member, the property manager will provide you with a “member vacate form” which must be completed and returned to the property manager. The manager will then schedule an appointment to inspect your unit and verify the new address of your household member. The family member shall be removed on the first day of the first month following completion of verification process. At that time, you will be required to sign a new lease.

Adding Household Members

If you wish to add someone to your lease including a new baby or other family member you must complete the application below and contact occupancy specialist.  Your occupancy specialist will require additional information with the application.   Each application will be carefully reviewed and you will be advised if additional information is needed and what the next step is. 

Anyone residing in your unit for more than 21 days per calendar year must be added to the lease.  Otherwise, this person is considered an illegal border which can lead to eviction.   

Click here for application.

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