“I would like to compliment the maintenance staff on a job well done for the general appearance of landscaping, snow removal and up keep of the buildings throughout the property. Personally, I’ve had trouble calls responded to in a highly professional manor in a reasonable amount of time.
Again kudos to the maintenance staff for a job well done!”

“The property is clean and well maintained for as long as we have lived here. The maintenance staff always come promptly with a phone call. The administrative staff go out of their way to be helpful. Friendly neighbors and nice neighborhood.”

“Hingham Housing Authority has played a major role in building the foundation on which I stand. When I first started the FSS program my goals were small; though at the time they felt like hurdles. Each year I was pleased to announce how I had met my goals, and slowly they grew. With the guidance and support of HHA and the FSS program I have both graduated college and started my own business. I look forward to the day that I can announce to them my plans to be a homeowner! There is no better investment than the one you make in yourself. The FSS program will guide you along the way!”

“I would like to express to you how helpful the maintenance staff have been to me since my arrival at the Hingham Housing Authority (HHA) in February of 2018. Their response time to my requests are always on-time and upon arrival always announce themselves and are polite and respectful. On a side note, the grounds of the HHA always looks neat and clean due to their attention to detail and landscaping work. The lawn is mowed, leaves raked, and flowers pruned. It has been a pleasure getting to know the maintenance staff and my opinion the HHA wouldn’t be the: same without them.”

“When I began to look for housing authority properties that appealed to me as good places to live, I eliminated the city properties and large apartment buildings. There are a number of smaller garden apartment-type properties in the area like the HHA, but none were as well kept and accessible to transportation and shopping. I liked how residents were able to put their mark on their residences with small gardens and plants on balconies and how the staff showed interest in all the residents. It looked like a welcoming neighborhood and has turned out to be all of that.”

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