Annual Recertifications

Rent Recertification is an annual review of your household’s income and household composition and is used to set and/or revise your rent. Rent recertification is required by both state and federal regulation. Completing your annual recertification is a condition of continued occupancy and required under your lease agreement.

Recertification begins about three to four months prior to the annual renewal.

HHA will send you a “Continued Occupancy Packet” which you need to complete and return with:

  • Written verification of all income and assets
  • Last five pay stubs
  • Letter from your employers
  • Verification of public assistance
  • Social Security / Pension information
  • Unemployment
  • Workers compensation
  • Child support
  • Income earned on assets
  • Interest earned on bank accounts
  • Any other source of income i.e. lottery winnings, cash gifts, etc.

For those who are self-employed, the last tax filing would be required.

If you have child care expenses or medical/dental expenses including medical premiums, prescription drug costs, or co-pays or other costs, you should report this to the Hingham Housing Authority as well. Reporting these changes may help you to lower your rent.

Interim Recertifications

At times, it may be necessary for an interim recertification. This is when there is a change in income or household composition which must be reported to the Authority. All residents are required to report any change in income or household composition within ten (10) days of the change.

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