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Leased Housing Voucher Programs

Leased Housing Voucher Program Tenant-Based

The Tenant Based Housing Choice Voucher Program allows low-income families to live in privately owned homes of their choice by subsidizing a portion of their rent. This program gives families the flexibility to choose their own communities at an affordable cost to them. The Housing Choice Voucher Program is an income based program that allows the voucher holder to pay between and 30% and 40% of their income towards their rent. Voucher holders are responsible for finding an apartment that accepts Housing Choice Vouchers in the private market. Apartment listings can be found on many commercial real estate web sites as well as on GoSection8.com which lists apartments offered by landlords that are accustomed to the Housing Choice Voucher Program.

There are currently thousands of families participating in the Housing Choice Voucher program nationwide, which is federally funded through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Hingham Housing Authority administers vouchers to fund a portion of the rent based upon income, eligibility, and family composition.

Vouchers, when available, are issued to applicants on the Centralized Wait List.

How to Apply

Please visit GoSection8.com to apply for the Housing Choice Voucher Program.  On the Gosection8.com website an account can be created with a user name and password.  Once you have created the account you will be able to apply to the wait list and maintain/update your application. If you are unable to access the website, Hingham Housing Authority will also supply a paper application which can be accessed Here.

Please be advised that the Centralized Wait List has a long list of applicants and the wait can be a number of years. It is important to keep your application current and up to date with any changes to your mailing address should you be selected.  Your application can be updated by logging in to your account at GoSection8.com frequently.

Please note: GoSection8.com   is a state-wide wait list that is not managed by Hingham Housing.  Applicants are drawn from the list by any one of the 100 participating housing authorities.  If you have questions or technical issues with the GoSection8.com website please call 1-866-466-7328.   

Section 8 Fair Market Rents and Payment Standards

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